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Your Clarksville Providers for Medical Weight Loss

Hillcrest Medical Weight Loss and Hormone fully acknowledges obesity as a health problem, and we address it using a medical plan instead of trendy workouts or diets. Medical weight loss will help you get healthy again through support from our center and scientifically proven techniques. We’ll guide your progress, so you make sizable improvements that lead to dramatic results. Obesity is a problem growing in severity across the United States, and the reasons driving this epidemic are complex. The first culprit is the typical American diet, which is rich in sugar and lacking in nutritional value. Another outcome of this unhealthy diet includes hormonal imbalances that make weight loss difficult and propel continued weight gain. For sustainable weight loss, give us a call to speak with a member of our team.

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Medical Procedures for Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss center offers different options for individuals seeking professional assistance for sustainable weight loss. These include two different medical practices that deliver beneficial results addressing various health issues.

  • BioTE Hormone Pellet Administration – BioTE is a trusted medical company that offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) through pellet insertion. A hormone imbalance can cause fatigue, decreased sex drive, depression, brain fog, and other concerns that lead to poor health. Hormone optimization increases energy, improves sleep, balances moods, restores libido, and boosts weight loss.
  • Semaglutide – Semaglutide is an under-the-skin injection to assist adults with chronic weight gain issues. This is an option for obese or overweight adults facing weight-related health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes. The drug targets the area of the brain that regulates appetite. By suppressing a person’s craving to eat, they’re able to achieve weight loss goals.
  • Tirzepatide – Tirzepatide is a cutting-edge injection that is specially designed to help people achieve weight loss. It emulates GLP-1 and GIP, two vital agonists that regulate blood sugar, digestion, and hunger.

Using Our Weight Loss Program

Not all clients require medical assistance for weight management. We offer weight loss programs at our center that incorporate multiple elements to foster our client’s success and produce long-term weight loss results through lasting lifestyle changes. To give you a better understanding of what to expect, here’s a more detailed breakdown of what we do:

Metabolic Meal Plan

We won’t only guide you toward the correct foods to eat. Our team also helps you learn about the foods that offer the necessary nutrition for your body when it’s needed. This allows you to plan your meals effectively, so you feel satisfied and consistently full. Our plan includes food selections with low positions on the glycemic index and anti-inflammatory properties that help support and cleanse your body.


There are times you will experience cravings and energy loss with the new diet plan. Supplements like B12, phentermine, and a multivitamin can help support you through these periods. We couple phentermine with exercise and a proper diet to treat people with obesity issues that cause risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Prescription Appetite Suppressant

There are cases when we may prescribe an appetite suppressant as additional help during your weight loss program. These are reserved for use by qualifying patients.


Our professional team will fine-tune your weight loss plan to fit your needs after body composition analysis. This can provide helpful insight to guide your decisions regarding exercise and diet, resulting in optimal weight loss from the beginning of the program.


Exercise is a crucial component of weight loss, and we advise you to get around 30 minutes of it three to four days every week from the start. You should work your way up to about one hour of exercise six to six days each week.


Staying on track with your weight. Loss program is difficult, even with expert planning and consistent results. Having the right support can help carry you through the plan. Our team will be ready to help you through every moment of your weight loss journey and into the future. You deserve to live a healthy life, and we’re here to support you.

Tools for Long-Lasting Weight Loss Success

Obesity and being overweight are complex problems that don’t have quick-fix solutions to provide long-lasting results. Even if you want to lose weight quickly, you must recognize the value of lifestyle changes and their lasting effects on keeping you fit and healthy. This strategy leads to more sustainable results without the common yo-yo effect associated with other diet programs. Dieting strictly to lose weight and then reverting to your old lifestyle habits doesn’t sustain the weight you drop and leads to frustration. With the program offered by your medical weight loss doctor at Hillcrest Medical Weight Loss and Hormone, we create a plan that caters to your health needs and keeps the weight off with real changes to your choices and behaviors.

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